Christmas of the Gods Event

Christmas of the Gods

Special December Event: 

Between the 1st and 22nd of December, the Gods of Wurm have demanded for shrines to be created in their honour, reaching as far to the heavens as possible.

Climb as high as you can in the world and build a colossus in the image of your favoured God, those that do will be rewarded with untold riches and special un-obtainable items on KangaWU.

Judging will occur on the 22nd of December at 8pm AEST, with the top 5 colossi splitting prizes from the pool below. All colossi completed will also earn 10kg of 80ql Seryll from their god.

Prize pool includes: 3x Bag of Keeping, 3x Small Magical Chest, 3x Plumed Helm of the Hunt, 3x Sculpting Wand, 3x 90ql Gold Statuette

The Small Details:

Each group of people creating a colossus will be counted as one group. Each person will only be counted towards one group. Only one colossus will be counted for each group – so if you have extra time, focus on building it higher, not just more. Prizes each group receives can be split between the group at their own discretion, only one winning entry per group. Please have a leader decided who will choose and receive any prizes. You can build your colossus solo if you wish, groups are not necessary.

Once completed, group leader please post the location of your colossus in the event thread on the forums, as well as your in game name if it is different to your forum name.

Prize distribution: Highest colossus will receive one of each of the prizes in the pool, along with the 10kg Seryll lump. Second and third highest will get to choose 3 items from the remaining prize pool (max one of each item) as well as a 10kg Seryll lump each. Fourth and fifth highest will get to choose 2 items from the remaining prize pool, with 4th choosing first, then 5th choosing, then 4th choosing, and 5th getting the last item – as well as a 10kg seryll lump each. Each remaining colossus completed in the event time will receive a 10kg Seryll lump. Gold statuettes will be created as the type of the god of your choosing.