Patch Notes – 03 Dec 2015

Dec 3 2015 Patch Notes:

  • Full WU patch notes here.
  • Added deed upkeep to the server to allow abandoned deeds to disband and decay.
    • Deeds are still free to plant and own.
    • Deeds are all given 30 days minimum upkeep.
    • Additional upkeep time will amount to the total playtime of all citizens of a deed.
    • Upkeep time will reset whenever a citizen logs in.
    • This means that for the average village, if nobody logs in for well over a month, the deed will disband.
    • Villages with a lot of players, or with players that have played for a lot of in game time will have a longer upkeep time before the deed disbands
  • Added ability to drag items from bulk containers to other containers and ignoring the player’s carry capacity.
  • Everyone’s bank has been set to 1 silver (part of a fix to wipe banks from a previous exploit).
    • We will start adding traders etc in the coming days.