Patch Notes – 07 Nov 2015

Nov 7 2015 Patch Notes:

  • Flowers added to the map.
  • Deeds will now have two restrictions in place. a 75×75 max size limit, as well as a 5000 max tile restriction.
    • Deeds larger than this that have already been placed should be automatically re-sized when the server starts up.
    • For villages that truthfully need more space than this, remember there are alliances.
    • We’ve done this as there have been a fair few deeds that have been taking advantage of the lack of size limit and taking up large areas of land for only 1 or two people.
    • Automatic disbanding of abandoned deeds will be assessed over the coming weeks.
  • Deeds now have a maximum guard limit of 3.
  • Fields no longer instantly grow after a server restart. These will now grow again after a restart. Future updates will be planned around expected growth ticks. (Budda 21/11)