Some Specifics

I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past two weeks working on a map generator for WU, to use for the KangaWU server and to let people make maps for their own servers. It is getting to a point where it is close to completion now, so I’d like to start getting some input from potential KangaWU players on what type of map would be preferred. Lots of small islands with plenty of water, one big island, a couple of islands with huge mountains?

I have set up a forum thread which you can view here:

Sign up to the website, post your ideas and hopefully we will have a vote up within the last day or two before WU goes live to decide on the final map.

On another related note, we have decided at this point that the skill rates and action timers will be starting on a rate of 3x. This is subject to change down the line based on feedback and suggestions, though we’ve found through some early testing that it seems a good starting point – and helps to take away a fair amount fo the grind involved in Wurm while still leaving some of the challenge involved.

~ Budda