Black Castle Event – 5 Jun 2016 (2pm AEST)

A new island has been spotted to the north of Botany Bay, and in order to enter the island and solve the puzzle of it, you will need to collect 4 relics from around the map of KangaWU. Come along to Botany Bay tomorrow (5th Jun 2016) at 2pm AEST and help solve the mystery of this new island and the Black Castle that lies upon it.

The event will consist of finding 4 relics hidden across the map in order to enter the Black Castle, followed by fighting your way to the top. The key to this event will be cooperation, so jump on teamspeak and get working with everybody else (you can find the teamspeak details to the left). This won’t be an easy event – expect trouble.

We will be starting from Botany Bay at 2pm AEST, and will have more info available then for what is going on, so come along and try your hand at the Black Castle and what lies within.