Building Design Competition – Summer 2016

Building Design Competition

What better way to spend the last of the summer days for the year than inside your cozy home on KangaWU. This second server wide event on KangaWU is all about making your place pretty. Take a building and design & decorate it until it is clearly the greatest thing in the world. We’ll have some restrictions to building sizes below, so make sure you check them before going away to work on your entry.

This competition will run for the next few weeks, closing on the 18th of February at which point judging will begin. Judging will be done by the entire community, with everyone casting their votes for their favourite three entries. At the end of voting, the winners will get some special items to make their deeds and buildings even fresher than they are.

Small Details:

  • The area you have to work with is 3x3x3, and nothing outside of that are will be included in judging.
    • This means that you can have a up to a 3 storey, 3×3 house – or anything under that.
    • If you want a garden area included in your judging, it will have to be within that 3x3x3 area.
    • Roofs do not count towards the 3 storey count, so you can have 3 floors + a roof on top.
  • Both existing and new buildings can be entered, as long as the existing building fits the other requirements still.
  • Only one entry per player – so focus on your one build and make it the best possible.
  • Entries must be submitted through the following form:

Voting Process:

  • Each player will be able to cast votes for their top 3 choices. The first choice will receive 3 points, second will receive 2 points, 3rd will receive 1 point.
    • Players will not be able to vote for their own entry.
    • Voting will be handled in a way that each person can only submit their votes once.
  • The three current GMs will also cast 3 votes, but the points from GMs will be doubled – 6 points for first choice, then 4 then 2.
  • Points will be tallied to determine the winners.


Winners and Prizes:

  • Top 5 entries after the votes are tallied will win the below prizes.
    • Note: All items won will be rare.
  • First place: 50 Silver, 1x Dragon HOTA Statue, 1x Lady of the Lake HOTA Statue, 2x Kingdom Banners (Player’s Choice), 10kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour).
  • Second Place: 25 Silver, 1x Lady of the Lake HOTA Statue, 2x Kingdom Banners (Player’s Choice), 5kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour)
  • Third Place: 15 Silver, 1x Deer HOTA Statue, 2x Kingdom Banners (Player’s Choice), 5kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour)
  • Fourth & Fifth Places: 5 Silver, 1x Kingdom Banner (Player’s Choice), 5kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour)

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.