Easter Hunt Event – 26 Mar 2016 (3pm AEST)

Rumours of a truly evil creature with a vicious streak a mile wide have made their way to KangaWU in recent days, and the King needs that fluffy terrifying pelt to aid his quest to find some special cup. All those who take up arms in defense of the area kingdom world from this terrible killer will surely receive their share of the plunder from the great beast.

The murder-kill-fest will take place on this coming Easter Saturday, 26 March at approx 3pm AEST outside of Botany Bay. Come along for this one of a kind fight, and get that last bit of training in preparation for The Great Dragon Hunt the day after.

We hope to see as many there as possible, and hopefully it all goes off without a hitch. Below you can find an image of the terrible beast that will be hunted. God speed.

the foul beast

The Interesting Bits:

This fight will be a bit different to normal fights, as I’ll be using it as a test for some new creature AI code – so expect some funky happenings and special tactics the bunny takes. Some things may go wrong, but if all goes well then it should hopefully be a fun little event.

Don’t expect the bunny to be an easy fight, but it will also not be as difficult as the dragon fight planned for the next day. Plan to bring whatever good armour and weapons you have, as they will be of help.

When the bunny dies, everyone participating in the event will receive some loot (in a similar manner to how dragon loot is handled) – what that loot is will be a surprise for the day. Everyone participating in the kill will also get a decent FS bonus from the fight, which should be of help for the following day with the dragon.