KangaWU Store

We’ve just added a store section to the website. From there you will be able to purchase silver coins for use in game – whether that use is trading with other players or buying items from the GM-Stocked merchants at Botany Bay.

All proceeds from this store will be going towards keeping the server running. With server costs currently sitting around $150 per month, we are hoping that this store will help cover the costs of the server. You will be able to see the current costs total from the progress bar on the sidebar of the website. Any excess money from each month will roll over to the following month to be used on server costs then. Server payments are due around the middle of each month, so expect the progress bar to reset or roll over around this time each month.

PLEASE NOTE: For the time being these payments are handled manually, so if I’m not around at the time, you will not get your coins in-game until I’m back and can do it. Having said that, if I’m at my computer and see the email come through, you’ll have the coins within a minute or two – so for most of the time there shouldn’t be a delay. We hope to replace this with an automated system in the near future.

Please make sure you enter your character name on the Paypal instructions area, as this is how we know what account to add the coins to.

Botany Bay Mercantile

The Botany Bay Mercantile is available to purchase items previously available on the Trader that has since been removed, along with a small selection of otherwise unobtainable items. The trader items will be restocked when low, but the special items may not be – so don’t expect to find more of the same once the items that are there now are all gone. Each restock we will likely stock the merchants with other special items, so each time will be a bit different. These are meant to be a coin sink to remove some coin from circulation, keeping the need for coin influx from the store (and thus helping the server stay running), so don’t expect these items to be too cheap.

You can access this store page from here or from the Store link on the sidebar.