Patch Notes – 1 Mar 2016

Mar 1 2016 Patch Notes:

  • Fix for non-rock tiles turning to rock when surface mining nearby.
  • Archery towers and turrets should now be able to hit uniques.
  • Guard towers should now respond to calls regarding uniques.
  • Siege weaponry should now be able to damage uniques.
  • Simple item creation using rare items should now give you a chance to create that item rare.
    • Chance is based on the weight of the rare item used in the creation compared to it’s default weight.
    • E.g. If you have a rare resource and creation uses 100% of the base item weight (1kg for iron lump for example), you’ll have a 25% chance to create the item rare.
      • Using less of the resource base weight will give less of a chance. 50% of the base item weight used will give 50%*25% chance, so 12.5%.
  • Full WU patch notes here: