Patch Notes – 12 Jun 2016

12 Jun 2016 Patch Notes:

  • Small anvil, rope tool and cheese drill should now be able to be used while on the ground.
  • Introducing Hunt Events, unique to KangaWU:
    • Every now and then a new Hunt Event will spawn somewhere on the server.
    • You’ll need to find the event area, and kill the creatures that have spawned.
    • Once they are all dead, you will be able to destroy an item that spawned with them to get your chance at some rare material.
    • The event areas can spawn anywhere on the server, except for in water or on deeds (or their perimeters).
    • The creatures are tough, but not aggressive. You will need to kill all of them before you are able to clear the event.
    • You will be able to track the progress of a Hunt Event via the missions list.