Patch Notes – 20 Feb 2016

Feb 20 2016 Patch Notes:

  • Sculpting wand will now work in all slopes up to your digging maximum.
  • You should no longer need to uncover all rock tiles around a corner to surface mine.
    • Once you uncover one rock tile, you will be able to surface mine on all 4 corners.
  • Some GM-sent alerts should now show as an info popup message.
    • When money is added to your account from store transactions, you’ll now get a message.
  • Boat speed is now slightly dependent on QL, and WoA enchants on boats:
    • 50QL boats with no WoA will be the same speed as previously.
    • 1QL boats with no WoA will be 5% slower than previously.
    • 100QL boats with no WoA will be 5% faster than previously.
    • WoA will add a max of 10% to the boat speed (at a power of 100).