Patch Notes – 20 Jun 2016

20 Jun 2016 Patch Notes:

  • Sacrificing epic and legendary items should now keep the affinity properly.
    • Those who have sacced one and lost their affinity from it, please put in a support ticket and we’ll fix you up.
  • Sacrificing legendary item should now fully heal you the same as an epic item.
  • Hunt Event creatures should now be slightly tougher.
  • Hunt Event areas should no longer be packed dirt.
  • A lightning flash will trigger upon the Hunt Event spawning, as well as randomly every now and then for players in range of it.
  • Hunt Event creatures will now give some bonus FS when killed.
  • Helping to complete a Hunt Event will now give some bonus skill in random skills.
  • Butchering Hunt Event creatures will now drop lumps instead of ore.
  • QL and WoA enchants should now have a greater impact on boat speeds. Base speed on some boats was increased.
  • Rarity now has an impact on boat speed.
  • Rose hedges will no longer grow above low height.
  • Digging will now drop the item at your feet instead of into your inventory. Reverted for now.
  • The max packing/paving depth in water was doubled.
  • Added bonus to destroying house walls and floors for the house owner, on and off deed.
  • Climbing skill should now have more of an impact on stamina use when climbing.