Patch Notes – 23 Apr 2016

23 Apr 2016 Patch Notes:

The Rarity Bugfix poll is now closed, and excessive rare items have been set back to 1% supreme and 2% rare. Final vote was 59.3% to change, 40.7% to not change. If any items that were upgraded via a strange bone in the last month have lost their rarity, please create a support ticket in game to have them upgraded again. The new 1%/2% ratio of these items is still a large amount more than most players own, which leads us to the next addition:

  • Rarity mechanic has been expanded to include 3 more levels above Fantastic.
    • New levels are Epic, Legendary and Unique.
    • Epic and Legendary will be available via the usual methods of rare items, Unique items will only be available as GM-spawned prizes.
    • New rarity levels won’t have coloured text in the client, but they will retain the fantastic (golden) glow.
  • Rarity creation window chance has been increased to average out to about once per 30 minutes.
    • Rarity creation window has been increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Chance to create Rare+ items inside the rarity creation window has been increased.
    • Rare items now have 100% chance, Supreme have a 15% chance, Fantastic have a 2.5% chance, Epic have a 0.5% chance and Legendary have a 0.01% chance.
    • The above chances only apply during the first action taken during your rarity creation window.
  • Any Rare+ items that existed before the start of March (when the bug was first introduced) have been upgraded 1 rarity level.
  • Rarity timer, armour DR and weapon crit bonuses have been balanced to be in-line with the additional rarity levels.
    • Rare items have a smaller bonus than before.
    • Supreme items are about in line with what rare items were.
    • Higher rarities scale the remaining so Legendary items have about the same bonus that Fantastic items did have.
    • Unique items have a slightly higher bonus than Legendary items.
  • Rarity timer bonuses have been changed to be more consistent.
    • Rare items now affect most timers instead of just lockpicking and imping timers.
    • This means most Rare+ items should have a more noticeable effect on any action timers.
  • Sacrificing Rare+ items has been re-balanced to be in line with the new additional levels.
    • Rare+ will refill some food, Supreme+ will be a full refresh and small heal, Fantastic+ will gain random skill + refresh, Epic+ will gain random skill and affinity + refresh, Legendary will gain skill and affinity in your highest skill.

To celebrate the expanded rarity levels, tomorrow at 3pm AEST we’ll be holding a treasure hunt in game where you’ll have a chance to win some items of the newer rarities. First clue will be given out at Botany Bay, we hope to see everyone there!