Announcing the KangaWU Dropbear Server

Coming to a KangaWU near you, 23 Dec 2017

A team of explorers situated in the Botany Bay region have recently been heard telling tales of untouched lands and untold glory. They speak of never before seen mountains, islands and lakes – and possibly riches – but they need your help. Their exploration camp in the new lands is surrounded by dangerous creatures and wild terrain that must be tamed. They are currently recruiting KangaWU residents to volunteer for a mission back to these lands to destroy the creatures and take control of the lands. The mission begins on the 23rd of December, are you brave enough?

Coming to KangaWU on Saturday the 23rd of December will be a new server with a brand new map for players to travel, explore and deed. The new server will be dubbed the Dropbear server and will be accessible via the main KangaWU server. This is going to be a new permanent server, so will be around for as long as KangaWU is around.

As everyone knows, Dropbears are deceptively large, and it is the same for the new map on the Dropbear server, which will be a full 4096×4096 – 4 times the size of the main KangaWU map. To compensate for this, there will also be an increase in creature counts compared to the main server, as well as a higher aggressive creature rate.

Travel to the new Dropbear server will be available via a portal at Botany Bay on the main server for the first couple of weeks after opening, with players only being able to take items in their inventory across – no creatures or vehicles. Early in January after some exploration has been made and a foothold secured by the players, the borders between the main server and Dropbear will be connected, and boats will be able to travel back and forth at will. After the borders are opened, the portal at Botany Bay will still be available as well.

Teamwork will be necessary for the first while as the portal will drop everyone at the exploration camp, deep in wilderness and surrounded by aggressive creatures. We hope to see you at Botany Bay on Saturday, ready to explore new lands!