Patch Notes – 06 Oct 2017

Adventure Server:

This months Adventure Server is now open and available via the portal from Botany Bay. If you have not participated in a KangaWU Adventure before head to Botany Bay with no items in your inventory and nothing equipped and you’ll find the portal. Use the portal and you’ll be teleported to a random location on the Adventure map where you’ll have to fight against the land to survive, explore, and gather resources. For more information about how the Adventure Server works, check this page:

For this round, the portal will remain open until the server is closed. A week warning will be given before the server is closed.

There have been a few changes made for this round of Adventure:

  • PvP has been enabled and modified so kingdoms are not a factor. Anyone can attack anyone, if they so choose.
    • Any permission related systems are ignored on this server – permissions may still be set, but they will not protect your items.
    • The list of players in local range has been disabled.
    • Everyone will have a red outline to everyone else, including friends.
    • Tower guards will refuse to help in PvP fights.
    • Kill tokens will be awarded for PvP kills relative to the Body Str, Mind Logic and Fighting skills of the player killed.
  • Increased creature cap from 30k to 75k, and increased aggressive creature percentage from 60% to 75%.
  • All creatures have been somewhat buffed:
    • Any skills have gained a 25% boost.
    • Natural armour has been given a 25% boost.
    • Damage creatures deal are increased by 10%.
    • Creatures will also be slightly larger than their non-Adventure counterparts.

Other Patch Notes:

  • Added the Wand of Sorcery
    • Created using any non-star gem and a handle, using Natural Substances skill.
    • Can be used in the same manner as a Sorcery Staff to cast Sorcery spells.
    • Spells cast using this wand instead of a normal staff will cost 5x the normal karma.
  • Tweaked bonuses for sacrificing Legendary and Unique items
    • 1/10 of all skills will receive an affinity for a Legendary item.
    • 1/3 of all skills will receive an affinity for a Unique item.
  • Mind Logic will now show as 10 higher in the client for each extra queue slot bought with spirit points
    • Actual skill value on the server won’t be 10 higher, just whats shown in the client.
    • This should make the “bugs” with these extra slots be fixed, so the client properly queues the full amount of actions.