Patch Notes – 10 Jun 2017

10 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • The first round of the KangaWU Adventure server is now closed.
    • Any characters that were on the server still should now be back at Botany Bay, with all the same stats and items they had before going to the Adventure Server.
    • Next round will be coming in July with some changes based on this first round. Any suggestions or requests for the next round, please post on the forums.
    • Maps from this round can be found here:
  • Fixed spirit points not saving properly on a server transfer.
    • Because a fair amount of people lost some amount of spirit points, every character that has logged in the last 30 days has been given an extra 1500 spirit points.
  • Fixed leaderboards so they only generate from the main server, not the adventure server.
  • Fixed workers satchel to use water properly for pottery imping actions.
  • Added so that workers satchel will work for imping actions that require a hand.
  • Fixed the ‘always tick meditation’ option to tick meditation 100% of the time.