Patch Notes – 16 Sep 2017

In an effort to supply players with worthwhile bonuses that will help keep the KangaWU server funded for the future, there is now a new feature on the server called KangaWU+.

This is a new monthly payment of 10 silver on your character to get some benefits, access to a new feature, and bragging rights for helping the server stay funded and online.

When you log in now, you can right click on any deed token, and select Bank > Purchase KangaWU+. Doing this will show a window telling you what you’ll gain and an option to buy using money in your bank.

The bonuses for KangaWU+ currently include:

  • Increased Skillgain – 1.5x Normal Skillgain, which also stacks with other in-game skillgain bonuses (sleep powder, meditation bonuses etc).
  • Increased Carry Capacity – 50% bonus on top of your base carrying capacity.
  • No Movement Speed Penalty from Armour – Wearing armour will no longer slow you down at all, you’ll walk as fast as you would without armour equipped.

As well as access to a new feature:

  • Rare Combining
    • Activate a rare+ item, and right click another item of the same rarity to get the “Combine rarities” option.
    • Clicking this will give you a chance to increase the rarity of the targeted item by 1 level.
    • The chance of success is shown when right clicking the target item with another rare activated.
    • On a success or fail, the activated item is destroyed – actions are 15 seconds long to give you time to cancel it if you misclick with the wrong items.
    • Chance of success is determined by:
      • Higher chance for higher qualities of items used
      • Much higher chance if both items are the same type of item (e.g. hammer + hammer)
      • Lower chance for bulk items (ores, dirt, etc)
      • Lower chance for rift materials (crystal, wood, stone)