Patch Notes – 21 Oct 2017

21 Oct 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed rose hedges so they don’t grow beyond low height again.
  • Thorn hedges will no longer grow above medium height.
  • Changed a couple of things with pets so they hopefully follow orders better now. Should actually attack what you tell them to attack.
  • Fixed an issue with the increased carry capacity from KangaWU+, it should now properly apply across everything including pulling items from bulk containers.
  • Lowered strength needed to load small crates to 21.
  • Path of hate can now be accessed from a tar dominated area instead of a mycelium dominated area.
    • Same restrictions otherwise – must be majority of tar in the area, with some thorn bushes around.
  • Some changes made to make room for new additions to Botany Bay and new things to buy.