Patch Notes – 9 Mar 2017

9 Mar 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Slightly lowered the healing rate of all godspawn creatures.
  • Lowered the number of attacks Fo can negate for each use of the ability.
  • Kicked boat speeds in the teeth:
    • All the speed calcs are done in the same way as runes now.
    • Means imping or turning a boat rare doesn’t need to wait for a restart to update.
    • Also the speeds may be slightly different to before this patch. Not sure if they’ll be faster or slower, kinda guessed the values. Will tweak again if needed.
  • Equipped Fo’s Protectors with tusks.
  • Priest/Follower Changes:
    • Followers should now be able to gain faith up to 40.
    • Followers over 20 faith should now be able to cast spells.
    • Priesting can still occur from 30 faith onwards.
    • Any existing priest-only benefits are  still priest-only.
    • Priests over 40 faith now get a bonus to power on all casts equal to 1/10th of their faith.
    • Priests can now continue building items.
    • None of this code is tested, so it is possible none of it actually works.
  • Re-nerfed saccing rares.
  • Nerfed Fo again.