Patch Notes – 18 Jun 2017

18 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed Adventure Shop not loading for characters that had bought the no fighting skill loss bonus.
  • Digging dirt should now drop to the ground instead of into inventory.
  • Fixed destroy action timer on structures and items to use the 3x modifier.
  • Fixed being able to become a champion of player gods.
  • Added ‘Improve’ to right click menu when using workers satchel.
  • Changed leaderboards generation to hopefully be less laggy.

Patch Notes – 10 Jun 2017

10 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • The first round of the KangaWU Adventure server is now closed.
    • Any characters that were on the server still should now be back at Botany Bay, with all the same stats and items they had before going to the Adventure Server.
    • Next round will be coming in July with some changes based on this first round. Any suggestions or requests for the next round, please post on the forums.
    • Maps from this round can be found here:
  • Fixed spirit points not saving properly on a server transfer.
    • Because a fair amount of people lost some amount of spirit points, every character that has logged in the last 30 days has been given an extra 1500 spirit points.
  • Fixed leaderboards so they only generate from the main server, not the adventure server.
  • Fixed workers satchel to use water properly for pottery imping actions.
  • Added so that workers satchel will work for imping actions that require a hand.
  • Fixed the ‘always tick meditation’ option to tick meditation 100% of the time.

KangaWU Adventures – Round 1 Maps

I hope you all enjoyed the first round of KangaWU Adventures. The next round will be popping up some time in July with a few changes based on this round – some things to make bits a little easier, some things to make bits a little harder. Now that this round is over, I’ve uploaded the before and after images of the map that was used for the first round. Below you’ll find two styles of the map, the normal isometric view, and a topographical view – one each for before and after. Enjoy.

Round 1 – Before

Round 1 – After

Round 1 – Before

Round 1 – After

Patch Notes – 28 May 2017

28 May 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Added the Adventure Shop:
    • Right clicking kill tokens while on the main server will now give an option to “Use” them. This will destroy the token and add the token points to your character.
    • Typing “/adventure” while on the main server will open up the Adventure Shop and allow you to spend your collected points on various upgrades or items.
    • Available in the shop is the following:
      • Increase your maximum sleep bonus hours.
      • Increase the max number of creatures you can lead at once.
      • Remove fighting skill loss on death.
      • Guaranteed meditation ticks (30 min cooldown still applies).
      • Guaranteed lowering of a tile while surface mining.
      • Swap your faith to another deity.
      • Skillgain in a random skill.
      • Sleep Powder.
      • Workers Satchel.
  • Added Workers Satchel:
    • Satchel has room to hold 6 items total.
    • When you activate the satchel, you can improve items with it instead of the needed tool – provided that the correct tool is currently inside the satchel.
  • Fixed sowing action timer to properly use the 3x modifier.
  • Fixed meditation action timer to properly use the 3x modifier.
  • Changed kill token naming to scale better.
  • Kill tokens will now show their value.
  • Fixed the name of the adventure server in the steam list to not be so similar (for those that can’t read good).


KangaWU Adventures

Introducing the new KangaWU Adventures server, a place to test your mettle and survive against the wilderness and gain some extra resources as you go.

KangaWU Adventures is a new server that you can travel to from the portal at Botany Bay on the main server – however there is a catch. You cannot take any items through the portal – including inventory items and equipped items – and when you die on this server, you will respawn back on the main server with no skill loss. When you take the portal to the adventures server, you will spawn at a random spot across the map and have to figure out how to survive, explore and gather before finding a way to sail across the border back to the main server. Anything that you have on you when you cross the border back to the main server will stay with you.

The adventures server does however pose a larger threat than the main server with increased spawn rates of aggressive creatures and you are unable to place a deed, so starting out will be a challenge in itself to survive to the point where you can reliably defend yourself. To help with this, a few changes have been made to foraging and rummaging to make things slightly easier. Foraging on tree tiles will give branches more often than before, foraging on grass tiles now have a chance to give rock shards as well as low quality iron rock, and rummaging on rock tiles now has a chance to give low quality steel as well as flint. It is suggested that you look up crude tools on the wurmpedia and how to use them to start from scratch.

For those that manage to survive the dangers of the adventures server, you will be rewarded by a higher rate of ores all across the map including glimmersteel and adamantine, some specially placed reward items in hard to reach places for the expert explorers, and a new ‘kill token’ item that you will receive from every creature killed on the server. These kill tokens scale to the difficulty of the creature you kill, and can be combined into a single token to save inventory space. If you manage to make it off of the server, you’ll be able to bring back all items and resources gathered from the adventures server for use back on the main server. Kill tokens will be able to be traded to a special merchant at Botany Bay down the line for prizes relevant to your kill token value.

So to recap: Empty inventory, take portal, don’t die, explore, gather, don’t die, find a way off the server without dying, claim rewards. Easy.

Patch Notes – 10 May 2017

10 May 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Added gem cutting.
    • Start by using a chisel on a higher quality gem to start cutting it.
    • You’ll slowly improve it as you go, based on jewelry smithing skill checks.
    • A better cut gem will store more favor when Vessel is cast on it, and will lower QL at a slower rate when drained.
  • Star gems are now a better version of gems for Vessel purposes. Will store twice as much as a normal gem and drain QL at 1/4 the normal amount.
    • Star gems can also be improved via gem cutting.
  • Creatures with modifiers (alert, angry, etc) are now coloured again, with a slightly random colour centered on their modifier’s colour.
    • Champion and Dwarf creatures are not coloured.
  • Colour runes (jackal adamantine runes) can now be applied to a tamed creature.
    • Using the rune on the tamed creature will bring out the creatures true colour, and can only be done once per creature.
  • Added a server leaderboard.
  • Fixed Spawn of Fo, Vyn and Mag so they don’t get stuck away from the altar. Should path normally back to the altar now.
  • Full WU Patch Notes:

Patch Notes – 14 Apr 2017

14 Apr 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fix for rarities not properly applying on some simple item creations.
  • Fix Hunt Event message spam once it narrows down the area.
  • Removed teleporting from the Hunt creatures when they are too far away – they should hopefully just walk back to the altar now.
  • Some changes to the Easter Bunny. Will spawn a couple at times this weekend when people are around to have a bash at it.