Announcing the KangaWU Dropbear Server

Coming to a KangaWU near you, 23 Dec 2017

A team of explorers situated in the Botany Bay region have recently been heard telling tales of untouched lands and untold glory. They speak of never before seen mountains, islands and lakes – and possibly riches – but they need your help. Their exploration camp in the new lands is surrounded by dangerous creatures and wild terrain that must be tamed. They are currently recruiting KangaWU residents to volunteer for a mission back to these lands to destroy the creatures and take control of the lands. The mission begins on the 23rd of December, are you brave enough?

Coming to KangaWU on Saturday the 23rd of December will be a new server with a brand new map for players to travel, explore and deed. The new server will be dubbed the Dropbear server and will be accessible via the main KangaWU server. This is going to be a new permanent server, so will be around for as long as KangaWU is around.

As everyone knows, Dropbears are deceptively large, and it is the same for the new map on the Dropbear server, which will be a full 4096×4096 – 4 times the size of the main KangaWU map. To compensate for this, there will also be an increase in creature counts compared to the main server, as well as a higher aggressive creature rate.

Travel to the new Dropbear server will be available via a portal at Botany Bay on the main server for the first couple of weeks after opening, with players only being able to take items in their inventory across – no creatures or vehicles. Early in January after some exploration has been made and a foothold secured by the players, the borders between the main server and Dropbear will be connected, and boats will be able to travel back and forth at will. After the borders are opened, the portal at Botany Bay will still be available as well.

Teamwork will be necessary for the first while as the portal will drop everyone at the exploration camp, deep in wilderness and surrounded by aggressive creatures. We hope to see you at Botany Bay on Saturday, ready to explore new lands!

Patch Notes – 06 Oct 2017

Adventure Server:

This months Adventure Server is now open and available via the portal from Botany Bay. If you have not participated in a KangaWU Adventure before head to Botany Bay with no items in your inventory and nothing equipped and you’ll find the portal. Use the portal and you’ll be teleported to a random location on the Adventure map where you’ll have to fight against the land to survive, explore, and gather resources. For more information about how the Adventure Server works, check this page:

For this round, the portal will remain open until the server is closed. A week warning will be given before the server is closed.

There have been a few changes made for this round of Adventure:

  • PvP has been enabled and modified so kingdoms are not a factor. Anyone can attack anyone, if they so choose.
    • Any permission related systems are ignored on this server – permissions may still be set, but they will not protect your items.
    • The list of players in local range has been disabled.
    • Everyone will have a red outline to everyone else, including friends.
    • Tower guards will refuse to help in PvP fights.
    • Kill tokens will be awarded for PvP kills relative to the Body Str, Mind Logic and Fighting skills of the player killed.
  • Increased creature cap from 30k to 75k, and increased aggressive creature percentage from 60% to 75%.
  • All creatures have been somewhat buffed:
    • Any skills have gained a 25% boost.
    • Natural armour has been given a 25% boost.
    • Damage creatures deal are increased by 10%.
    • Creatures will also be slightly larger than their non-Adventure counterparts.

Other Patch Notes:

  • Added the Wand of Sorcery
    • Created using any non-star gem and a handle, using Natural Substances skill.
    • Can be used in the same manner as a Sorcery Staff to cast Sorcery spells.
    • Spells cast using this wand instead of a normal staff will cost 5x the normal karma.
  • Tweaked bonuses for sacrificing Legendary and Unique items
    • 1/10 of all skills will receive an affinity for a Legendary item.
    • 1/3 of all skills will receive an affinity for a Unique item.
  • Mind Logic will now show as 10 higher in the client for each extra queue slot bought with spirit points
    • Actual skill value on the server won’t be 10 higher, just whats shown in the client.
    • This should make the “bugs” with these extra slots be fixed, so the client properly queues the full amount of actions.

KangaWU Adventures – Round 1 Maps

I hope you all enjoyed the first round of KangaWU Adventures. The next round will be popping up some time in July with a few changes based on this round – some things to make bits a little easier, some things to make bits a little harder. Now that this round is over, I’ve uploaded the before and after images of the map that was used for the first round. Below you’ll find two styles of the map, the normal isometric view, and a topographical view – one each for before and after. Enjoy.

Round 1 – Before

Round 1 – After

Round 1 – Before

Round 1 – After

KangaWU Adventures

Introducing the new KangaWU Adventures server, a place to test your mettle and survive against the wilderness and gain some extra resources as you go.

KangaWU Adventures is a new server that you can travel to from the portal at Botany Bay on the main server – however there is a catch. You cannot take any items through the portal – including inventory items and equipped items – and when you die on this server, you will respawn back on the main server with no skill loss. When you take the portal to the adventures server, you will spawn at a random spot across the map and have to figure out how to survive, explore and gather before finding a way to sail across the border back to the main server. Anything that you have on you when you cross the border back to the main server will stay with you.

The adventures server does however pose a larger threat than the main server with increased spawn rates of aggressive creatures and you are unable to place a deed, so starting out will be a challenge in itself to survive to the point where you can reliably defend yourself. To help with this, a few changes have been made to foraging and rummaging to make things slightly easier. Foraging on tree tiles will give branches more often than before, foraging on grass tiles now have a chance to give rock shards as well as low quality iron rock, and rummaging on rock tiles now has a chance to give low quality steel as well as flint. It is suggested that you look up crude tools on the wurmpedia and how to use them to start from scratch.

For those that manage to survive the dangers of the adventures server, you will be rewarded by a higher rate of ores all across the map including glimmersteel and adamantine, some specially placed reward items in hard to reach places for the expert explorers, and a new ‘kill token’ item that you will receive from every creature killed on the server. These kill tokens scale to the difficulty of the creature you kill, and can be combined into a single token to save inventory space. If you manage to make it off of the server, you’ll be able to bring back all items and resources gathered from the adventures server for use back on the main server. Kill tokens will be able to be traded to a special merchant at Botany Bay down the line for prizes relevant to your kill token value.

So to recap: Empty inventory, take portal, don’t die, explore, gather, don’t die, find a way off the server without dying, claim rewards. Easy.

Godspawn Hunting Video

Thanks to everyone that came out this past weekend to help test the Godspawn creatures and their newly updated combat AI and abilities. I hope a lot of fun was had with killing the champions and the later horse race across the server. The creatures will be tweaked a bit more in the coming weeks and updated again to fix a few issues that were found.

You can check out a quick video of the champion killings below.

Patch Notes – 12 Jun 2016

12 Jun 2016 Patch Notes:

  • Small anvil, rope tool and cheese drill should now be able to be used while on the ground.
  • Introducing Hunt Events, unique to KangaWU:
    • Every now and then a new Hunt Event will spawn somewhere on the server.
    • You’ll need to find the event area, and kill the creatures that have spawned.
    • Once they are all dead, you will be able to destroy an item that spawned with them to get your chance at some rare material.
    • The event areas can spawn anywhere on the server, except for in water or on deeds (or their perimeters).
    • The creatures are tough, but not aggressive. You will need to kill all of them before you are able to clear the event.
    • You will be able to track the progress of a Hunt Event via the missions list.

Black Castle Event – 5 Jun 2016 (2pm AEST)

A new island has been spotted to the north of Botany Bay, and in order to enter the island and solve the puzzle of it, you will need to collect 4 relics from around the map of KangaWU. Come along to Botany Bay tomorrow (5th Jun 2016) at 2pm AEST and help solve the mystery of this new island and the Black Castle that lies upon it.

The event will consist of finding 4 relics hidden across the map in order to enter the Black Castle, followed by fighting your way to the top. The key to this event will be cooperation, so jump on teamspeak and get working with everybody else (you can find the teamspeak details to the left). This won’t be an easy event – expect trouble.

We will be starting from Botany Bay at 2pm AEST, and will have more info available then for what is going on, so come along and try your hand at the Black Castle and what lies within.

Easter Dragon Slaying Videos

Well done to everyone that participated in this weekend’s dragon slayings, I was pleasantly surprised when the white dragon actually died – I thought that would’ve been a bit too much, but I was wrong. An awesome effort was made on the location and preparation for this, so I’d like to congratulate those people for it all going so well. CmdrVimes has agreed to make the Dragons Fall deed into a PvP arena for the server, so in the near future the inside of that arena will be converted to full PvP for all of your fighting goodness.

For now though, I’ve edited together a couple of videos of the dragon slayings that took place – unfortunately it didn’t record audio properly, so I had to make do. You can check them both out below.