Easter Bunny Hunt Video

First of all, thanks to everyone who turned out for the Easter Bunny Hunt yesterday, despite a couple of last minute restarts of the server everything ran pretty smoothly. We hope everyone had some fun with the absurdity of it all, and that you got some good fight skill from it.

I’ve thrown together a quick/rough video of the battle which you can check out below.

Easter Hunt Event – 26 Mar 2016 (3pm AEST)

Rumours of a truly evil creature with a vicious streak a mile wide have made their way to KangaWU in recent days, and the King needs that fluffy terrifying pelt to aid his quest to find some special cup. All those who take up arms in defense of the area kingdom world from this terrible killer will surely receive their share of the plunder from the great beast.

The murder-kill-fest will take place on this coming Easter Saturday, 26 March at approx 3pm AEST outside of Botany Bay. Come along for this one of a kind fight, and get that last bit of training in preparation for The Great Dragon Hunt the day after.

We hope to see as many there as possible, and hopefully it all goes off without a hitch. Below you can find an image of the terrible beast that will be hunted. God speed.

the foul beast

The Interesting Bits:

This fight will be a bit different to normal fights, as I’ll be using it as a test for some new creature AI code – so expect some funky happenings and special tactics the bunny takes. Some things may go wrong, but if all goes well then it should hopefully be a fun little event.

Don’t expect the bunny to be an easy fight, but it will also not be as difficult as the dragon fight planned for the next day. Plan to bring whatever good armour and weapons you have, as they will be of help.

When the bunny dies, everyone participating in the event will receive some loot (in a similar manner to how dragon loot is handled) – what that loot is will be a surprise for the day. Everyone participating in the kill will also get a decent FS bonus from the fight, which should be of help for the following day with the dragon.

Building Design Competition Voting

First of all, congratulations to everyone who managed to get an entry into this competition. All of the entries are looking great, and I’m sure a lot of us will be stealing some ideas for our future builds on the server.

Now we move onto the voting stage. As outlined in the initial competition post each player on the server gets to vote for 3 entries. Your first choice will gain 3 points, second choice will gain 2 points, and third choice will gain 1 point. You are not able to vote for yourself, and please only submit your votes once. All of these are going to be manually counted, so any out-of-place looking votes will be disregarded entirely. The voting form below will be tracked by IP, so (excluding those that have more than one actual player from the same connection) and extra votes from the same IP will be disregarded.

Voting will run until Sunday 21 Feb, 5.00pm AEST, so if you want to travel to the listed deeds to take a look at the builds first hand before voting, you should have plenty of time. On Sunday night votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

You can find all of the entries below, click on the images or links to go to the full album of screenshots for each build. Voting form is at the bottom of this post.

Altar to the Gods

Altar To The Gods – Mt Fucoff


Home – Porthaven

Kitty Smiddy

Kitty Smiddy – Kitty Mound

Ravens Inn

Raven’s Inn – Raven’s Crown

Resting Place Of Kings

Resting Place of Kings – Pseudopolis Yard

The Hermitage

The Hermitage – Herot

The Lookout

The Lookout – Cavus Nostra Boat Tunnel

Tree House Fort

Tree House Fort – Launceston


Building Design Competition – Summer 2016

Building Design Competition

What better way to spend the last of the summer days for the year than inside your cozy home on KangaWU. This second server wide event on KangaWU is all about making your place pretty. Take a building and design & decorate it until it is clearly the greatest thing in the world. We’ll have some restrictions to building sizes below, so make sure you check them before going away to work on your entry.

This competition will run for the next few weeks, closing on the 18th of February at which point judging will begin. Judging will be done by the entire community, with everyone casting their votes for their favourite three entries. At the end of voting, the winners will get some special items to make their deeds and buildings even fresher than they are.

Small Details:

  • The area you have to work with is 3x3x3, and nothing outside of that are will be included in judging.
    • This means that you can have a up to a 3 storey, 3×3 house – or anything under that.
    • If you want a garden area included in your judging, it will have to be within that 3x3x3 area.
    • Roofs do not count towards the 3 storey count, so you can have 3 floors + a roof on top.
  • Both existing and new buildings can be entered, as long as the existing building fits the other requirements still.
  • Only one entry per player – so focus on your one build and make it the best possible.
  • Entries must be submitted through the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JpqH15OPk1VvroIaL6cf7GnMGemRgcw-Yozxa4d3Nvs/viewform

Voting Process:

  • Each player will be able to cast votes for their top 3 choices. The first choice will receive 3 points, second will receive 2 points, 3rd will receive 1 point.
    • Players will not be able to vote for their own entry.
    • Voting will be handled in a way that each person can only submit their votes once.
  • The three current GMs will also cast 3 votes, but the points from GMs will be doubled – 6 points for first choice, then 4 then 2.
  • Points will be tallied to determine the winners.


Winners and Prizes:

  • Top 5 entries after the votes are tallied will win the below prizes.
    • Note: All items won will be rare.
  • First place: 50 Silver, 1x Dragon HOTA Statue, 1x Lady of the Lake HOTA Statue, 2x Kingdom Banners (Player’s Choice), 10kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour).
  • Second Place: 25 Silver, 1x Lady of the Lake HOTA Statue, 2x Kingdom Banners (Player’s Choice), 5kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour)
  • Third Place: 15 Silver, 1x Deer HOTA Statue, 2x Kingdom Banners (Player’s Choice), 5kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour)
  • Fourth & Fifth Places: 5 Silver, 1x Kingdom Banner (Player’s Choice), 5kg Barrel of Dye (Player’s Choice of Colour)

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Christmas of the Gods Event

Christmas of the Gods

Special December Event: 

Between the 1st and 22nd of December, the Gods of Wurm have demanded for shrines to be created in their honour, reaching as far to the heavens as possible.

Climb as high as you can in the world and build a colossus in the image of your favoured God, those that do will be rewarded with untold riches and special un-obtainable items on KangaWU.

Judging will occur on the 22nd of December at 8pm AEST, with the top 5 colossi splitting prizes from the pool below. All colossi completed will also earn 10kg of 80ql Seryll from their god.

Prize pool includes: 3x Bag of Keeping, 3x Small Magical Chest, 3x Plumed Helm of the Hunt, 3x Sculpting Wand, 3x 90ql Gold Statuette

The Small Details:

Each group of people creating a colossus will be counted as one group. Each person will only be counted towards one group. Only one colossus will be counted for each group – so if you have extra time, focus on building it higher, not just more. Prizes each group receives can be split between the group at their own discretion, only one winning entry per group. Please have a leader decided who will choose and receive any prizes. You can build your colossus solo if you wish, groups are not necessary.

Once completed, group leader please post the location of your colossus in the event thread on the forums, as well as your in game name if it is different to your forum name.

Prize distribution: Highest colossus will receive one of each of the prizes in the pool, along with the 10kg Seryll lump. Second and third highest will get to choose 3 items from the remaining prize pool (max one of each item) as well as a 10kg Seryll lump each. Fourth and fifth highest will get to choose 2 items from the remaining prize pool, with 4th choosing first, then 5th choosing, then 4th choosing, and 5th getting the last item – as well as a 10kg seryll lump each. Each remaining colossus completed in the event time will receive a 10kg Seryll lump. Gold statuettes will be created as the type of the god of your choosing.