Patch Notes – 16 Sep 2017

In an effort to supply players with worthwhile bonuses that will help keep the KangaWU server funded for the future, there is now a new feature on the server called KangaWU+.

This is a new monthly payment of 10 silver on your character to get some benefits, access to a new feature, and bragging rights for helping the server stay funded and online.

When you log in now, you can right click on any deed token, and select Bank > Purchase KangaWU+. Doing this will show a window telling you what you’ll gain and an option to buy using money in your bank.

The bonuses for KangaWU+ currently include:

  • Increased Skillgain – 1.5x Normal Skillgain, which also stacks with other in-game skillgain bonuses (sleep powder, meditation bonuses etc).
  • Increased Carry Capacity – 50% bonus on top of your base carrying capacity.
  • No Movement Speed Penalty from Armour – Wearing armour will no longer slow you down at all, you’ll walk as fast as you would without armour equipped.

As well as access to a new feature:

  • Rare Combining
    • Activate a rare+ item, and right click another item of the same rarity to get the “Combine rarities” option.
    • Clicking this will give you a chance to increase the rarity of the targeted item by 1 level.
    • The chance of success is shown when right clicking the target item with another rare activated.
    • On a success or fail, the activated item is destroyed – actions are 15 seconds long to give you time to cancel it if you misclick with the wrong items.
    • Chance of success is determined by:
      • Higher chance for higher qualities of items used
      • Much higher chance if both items are the same type of item (e.g. hammer + hammer)
      • Lower chance for bulk items (ores, dirt, etc)
      • Lower chance for rift materials (crystal, wood, stone)

Patch Notes – 31 Aug 2017

31 Aug 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Possibly fixed problems with many players attacking the same creature at once.
  • Fixed some issues with Fo Spawn bugging out when doing his prevent damage ability.
  • Fixed half level/flatten speed Adventure shop bonus to work properly.
  • Fixed typo when buying something in Adventure shop – can’t remember what.

Patch Notes – 05 Aug 2017

05 Aug 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Changed Dark Messenger so it works for anyone instead of just HotS kingdom.
  • Added some new Adventure Shop items:
    • Added option to buy up to 3 extra action queue slots. Only buy one at a time, as the price goes up for each extra one.
    • Added option to buy doubling of your max digging slope.
    • Added option to buy doubling of your max surface mining slope.
    • Added option to buy 2x speed for flattening and leveling.

Current round of the Adventure server will close on Saturday 12th August. Make sure you are off the island by then and back to the main server, or you may lose all your progress gained while away from the main server.

Patch Notes – 15 Jul 2017

15 Jul 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed surface mining to not need all adjacent tiles uncovered.
    • One adjacent tile must be uncovered at least now – instead of working from a distance.
  • Fixed the 100% surface mining bonus from spirit points.
  • Removed crowded message when attacking creatures with multiple people again.
  • Changes to prepare for the next Adventure round:
    • Olives can now be foraged from tree and bush tiles.
    • Increased rate of foraging for cotton.
    • Kill tokens will now be destroyed on death, instead of dropping to corpse.
    • Adventure portal now has a 1 hour 30 min cooldown on use.
  • Changed armour values on the Adventure server:
    • All armours have a base 60% DR.
    • Bonus DR on all armours based on material used:
      • Iron +2.5%, Silver +3.5%, Gold +4%, Steel +5%, Brass +6%, Adamantine +7.5%, Glimmersteel +9%, Seryll +10%
    • Bonus DR for certain armour types:
      • Scale +10%, Drake +7.5%, Studded Leather +5%.
    • Tweaked armour modifiers against wound types to be a bit more/less than before.
      • Will hopefully make up for some armour types being stronger, as against certain damage types they will be less effective.
      • Still has all the same types of modifiers as vanilla, just increased.

Next round of the Adventure server will open next Saturday (22 Jul) featuring a whole new map and the tweaks made above. In addition to the above tweaks, the portal will be open for a single week only – you will have to use this week wisely to get yourself a foothold on the map so that you’re safe for the remaining time there. On Sat 29 Jul, the portal will be disconnected and those still on the server will have to make their way off it without dying to get their kill tokens off safely. Once the server is largely deserted, the last people will be told to make their way off and some changes to the map will be made before the portal is made available again.

Patch Notes – 18 Jun 2017

18 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed Adventure Shop not loading for characters that had bought the no fighting skill loss bonus.
  • Digging dirt should now drop to the ground instead of into inventory.
  • Fixed destroy action timer on structures and items to use the 3x modifier.
  • Fixed being able to become a champion of player gods.
  • Added ‘Improve’ to right click menu when using workers satchel.
  • Changed leaderboards generation to hopefully be less laggy.

Patch Notes – 10 Jun 2017

10 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • The first round of the KangaWU Adventure server is now closed.
    • Any characters that were on the server still should now be back at Botany Bay, with all the same stats and items they had before going to the Adventure Server.
    • Next round will be coming in July with some changes based on this first round. Any suggestions or requests for the next round, please post on the forums.
    • Maps from this round can be found here:
  • Fixed spirit points not saving properly on a server transfer.
    • Because a fair amount of people lost some amount of spirit points, every character that has logged in the last 30 days has been given an extra 1500 spirit points.
  • Fixed leaderboards so they only generate from the main server, not the adventure server.
  • Fixed workers satchel to use water properly for pottery imping actions.
  • Added so that workers satchel will work for imping actions that require a hand.
  • Fixed the ‘always tick meditation’ option to tick meditation 100% of the time.

Patch Notes – 28 May 2017

28 May 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Added the Adventure Shop:
    • Right clicking kill tokens while on the main server will now give an option to “Use” them. This will destroy the token and add the token points to your character.
    • Typing “/adventure” while on the main server will open up the Adventure Shop and allow you to spend your collected points on various upgrades or items.
    • Available in the shop is the following:
      • Increase your maximum sleep bonus hours.
      • Increase the max number of creatures you can lead at once.
      • Remove fighting skill loss on death.
      • Guaranteed meditation ticks (30 min cooldown still applies).
      • Guaranteed lowering of a tile while surface mining.
      • Swap your faith to another deity.
      • Skillgain in a random skill.
      • Sleep Powder.
      • Workers Satchel.
  • Added Workers Satchel:
    • Satchel has room to hold 6 items total.
    • When you activate the satchel, you can improve items with it instead of the needed tool – provided that the correct tool is currently inside the satchel.
  • Fixed sowing action timer to properly use the 3x modifier.
  • Fixed meditation action timer to properly use the 3x modifier.
  • Changed kill token naming to scale better.
  • Kill tokens will now show their value.
  • Fixed the name of the adventure server in the steam list to not be so similar (for those that can’t read good).