Patch Notes – 18 Jun 2017

18 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed Adventure Shop not loading for characters that had bought the no fighting skill loss bonus.
  • Digging dirt should now drop to the ground instead of into inventory.
  • Fixed destroy action timer on structures and items to use the 3x modifier.
  • Fixed being able to become a champion of player gods.
  • Added ‘Improve’ to right click menu when using workers satchel.
  • Changed leaderboards generation to hopefully be less laggy.

Patch Notes – 10 Jun 2017

10 Jun 2017 Patch Notes:

  • The first round of the KangaWU Adventure server is now closed.
    • Any characters that were on the server still should now be back at Botany Bay, with all the same stats and items they had before going to the Adventure Server.
    • Next round will be coming in July with some changes based on this first round. Any suggestions or requests for the next round, please post on the forums.
    • Maps from this round can be found here:
  • Fixed spirit points not saving properly on a server transfer.
    • Because a fair amount of people lost some amount of spirit points, every character that has logged in the last 30 days has been given an extra 1500 spirit points.
  • Fixed leaderboards so they only generate from the main server, not the adventure server.
  • Fixed workers satchel to use water properly for pottery imping actions.
  • Added so that workers satchel will work for imping actions that require a hand.
  • Fixed the ‘always tick meditation’ option to tick meditation 100% of the time.

Patch Notes – 28 May 2017

28 May 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Added the Adventure Shop:
    • Right clicking kill tokens while on the main server will now give an option to “Use” them. This will destroy the token and add the token points to your character.
    • Typing “/adventure” while on the main server will open up the Adventure Shop and allow you to spend your collected points on various upgrades or items.
    • Available in the shop is the following:
      • Increase your maximum sleep bonus hours.
      • Increase the max number of creatures you can lead at once.
      • Remove fighting skill loss on death.
      • Guaranteed meditation ticks (30 min cooldown still applies).
      • Guaranteed lowering of a tile while surface mining.
      • Swap your faith to another deity.
      • Skillgain in a random skill.
      • Sleep Powder.
      • Workers Satchel.
  • Added Workers Satchel:
    • Satchel has room to hold 6 items total.
    • When you activate the satchel, you can improve items with it instead of the needed tool – provided that the correct tool is currently inside the satchel.
  • Fixed sowing action timer to properly use the 3x modifier.
  • Fixed meditation action timer to properly use the 3x modifier.
  • Changed kill token naming to scale better.
  • Kill tokens will now show their value.
  • Fixed the name of the adventure server in the steam list to not be so similar (for those that can’t read good).


Patch Notes – 10 May 2017

10 May 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Added gem cutting.
    • Start by using a chisel on a higher quality gem to start cutting it.
    • You’ll slowly improve it as you go, based on jewelry smithing skill checks.
    • A better cut gem will store more favor when Vessel is cast on it, and will lower QL at a slower rate when drained.
  • Star gems are now a better version of gems for Vessel purposes. Will store twice as much as a normal gem and drain QL at 1/4 the normal amount.
    • Star gems can also be improved via gem cutting.
  • Creatures with modifiers (alert, angry, etc) are now coloured again, with a slightly random colour centered on their modifier’s colour.
    • Champion and Dwarf creatures are not coloured.
  • Colour runes (jackal adamantine runes) can now be applied to a tamed creature.
    • Using the rune on the tamed creature will bring out the creatures true colour, and can only be done once per creature.
  • Added a server leaderboard.
  • Fixed Spawn of Fo, Vyn and Mag so they don’t get stuck away from the altar. Should path normally back to the altar now.
  • Full WU Patch Notes:

Patch Notes – 14 Apr 2017

14 Apr 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fix for rarities not properly applying on some simple item creations.
  • Fix Hunt Event message spam once it narrows down the area.
  • Removed teleporting from the Hunt creatures when they are too far away – they should hopefully just walk back to the altar now.
  • Some changes to the Easter Bunny. Will spawn a couple at times this weekend when people are around to have a bash at it.

Patch Notes – 14 Mar 2017

14 Mar 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixes for mining and digging rift resources.
  • Fixed gaining faith on followers over 30 faith.
  • Lower rate of rift wood from trees slightly.
  • Lower damage from Spawn of Vynora’s ultimate ability slightly.
  • Added code for saccing unique items, just in case.
  • Fix negative quality rift resources.
  • Added the new gods to the mission system.
  • Nerfed Hunt Event directions.

Patch Notes – 9 Mar 2017

9 Mar 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Slightly lowered the healing rate of all godspawn creatures.
  • Lowered the number of attacks Fo can negate for each use of the ability.
  • Kicked boat speeds in the teeth:
    • All the speed calcs are done in the same way as runes now.
    • Means imping or turning a boat rare doesn’t need to wait for a restart to update.
    • Also the speeds may be slightly different to before this patch. Not sure if they’ll be faster or slower, kinda guessed the values. Will tweak again if needed.
  • Equipped Fo’s Protectors with tusks.
  • Priest/Follower Changes:
    • Followers should now be able to gain faith up to 40.
    • Followers over 20 faith should now be able to cast spells.
    • Priesting can still occur from 30 faith onwards.
    • Any existing priest-only benefits are  still priest-only.
    • Priests over 40 faith now get a bonus to power on all casts equal to 1/10th of their faith.
    • Priests can now continue building items.
    • None of this code is tested, so it is possible none of it actually works.
  • Re-nerfed saccing rares.
  • Nerfed Fo again.

Patch Notes – 6 Mar 2017

6 Mar 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Full Update – WU Patch Notes:
  • Fences over 99ql can now be properly destroyed.
  • Bonus FS from Godspawn creatures now properly given to those within 5 tile range instead of 5m.
  • Gave Spawn of Magranon bricks instead of boulders.
  • Buffed Spawn of Fo.
  • All Godspawn creatures now want to do their big bad attack at least once before dying.
  • Reloaded Spawn of Vynora’s shark quiver.
  • Buffed Spawn of Fo some more.
  • Added more ways to get rift wood, stone and crystal.
  • Buffed movement speed of Spawn of Vynora, Magranon and Fo.
  • Added Budda.
  • Buffed Spawn of Fo’s Protectors.
  • Added Frost.
  • Added Veshnokash.
  • Added Dwarves.