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    So with the new gods, I was thinking of a sort-of half way compromise between what we have now, and the whole ‘remove all priest restrictions’ hubbub.

    Thread for discussion and additional ideas, if you have anything to add to this to make the idea better – reply below.

    So currently followers are anyone following a god and under 30 Faith. You can start saccing at 10 faith, and get your god’s bonuses at 30 faith. Priesting lets you go over 30 and enables all the restrictions that comes with that, but in turn you’re able to cast spells and do all the other priestly duties.

    I was thinking of something like upping the Faith limit for followers to around 40 or 50, and allow followers to cast spells once they hit 20 Faith. To go above the 40 or 50 limit, you’d have to become a priest and everything beyond there would be the same as now.

    Second part to this would possibly be making it so you can still priest at 30+ faith, and if you’re an actual priest, you’d get a bonus to casting spells compared to casting as a follower.

    Followers would be capped at that 40 or 50 Faith, so wouldn’t be able to cast all the super useful spells that have a high cost, and also wouldn’t be able to link either – so full priest accounts would still be useful, but they’d still be able to cast some of the lower spells for added usefulness.

    What do we think?



    Might work, depends a bit on things like “how much bonus?”

    What it would enable though is someone to skill channeling as high as they liked before they needed to priest – spells used for channeling are basically very low skill/low cost.

    By now personally for myself and a couple of others with alt priests already there it wouldn’t change an awful lot. However – it would let people cast fairly useful stuff like Light Token, all the Heal/Cure Fo spells, Opulence etc etc.

    As this would therefore reduce the advantages full priests actually have…it really would be a question of “how much bonus?”

    Interesting idea.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible but one thing current priests might find useful is being able to “continue” something. This isn’t improving or lifting a major restriction like woodcutting/mining/digging but for instance it could allow them to build their own normal altars (stone/wood), make halter ropes that sort of thing.

    Will think more on it.



    Interesting idea

    Would help with newer players on understanding priest malarkey, before jumping into full priest mood.I think the new player gods and associated spell list could also have an impact on both existing priest and this suggestion.

    For myself I am happy with the lesser spells and seek the services of full priest when required 🙂

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    Allowing continuing would be fine I think, I can’t really think of any major issue stemming from allowing that on priests. As you said the major restrictions they have is basically imping and the different gathering restrictions.

    As for reducing the advantages of full priests, that’s also where the decision between 40 and 50 faith comes in. If we think that followers would basically just be better than priests if they could cast 50 favour spells, then 40 might be a good cap, as that rules out the casting of the high-value enchants like WoA and CoC. Capping it at 40 would also cut out FA and FB, but still allow some functional spells like Light Token, the cure spells, courier etc.

    Notably, there are a fair few of these lower end spells that are also available as runes now, so priests currently don’t have a monopoly on those.

    The bonus for full priests I haven’t really thought about yet, but probably something along the lines of a bonus to all cast powers depending on cast difficulty and some secondary skill? Maybe SD or Faith, not sure.



    I would agree that 40 would probably be a better cap than 50 exactly for the reasons you noted.

    As for the bonus, for a secondary Faith could work but I thought SD was basically useless? One other idea I have heard about is letting all priests share the Lib double favour items for saccing – i.e. farmed products.

    Cast power would be nice though. That would actually help all players as it would improve everyone’s tools and weapons and it’s not like this server has a really high priced economy with people making huge profits out of casts.

    A possible other change to consider is to my mind the somewhat silly restrictions on what followers can do. Anyway a follower can basically turn off diety obedience to do a banned action, such as remove a hedge/fence, or paving etc….and then go pray to make up for it if they get noticed (the Roman Catholic tradition). Leave the restrictions on priests by all means but I never understood the point on ordinary followers.

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