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    OK guys..time to put it up! We need to kill the Dragons and make our children safe!

    To that end Cmdrvimes and myself are developing a plan for a glorious attempt that Hollywood Australia (Budda) has already the film rights for. It will involve guards, towers, turrets, traps, and very probably the death of both CV and myself. Do we care?????

    Of course we do….but WTF someone has to compete with Donald Trump.

    Now…we are hoping that others might decide to help…numbers matter a great deal in situations like this..the Dragon can only target one target apart from it’s dastardly AOE attack capability. Smother it with numbers and at least we will die in good company like those myriad others before us who went “over the top” for the greater good.

    To that end……if you would like to be part of Kangawu history in this glorious attempt……please let us know your fight skill.

    Beginners must also not be shy. We are quite prepared to run a few “masterclasses” in fighting so you can gain skill in safety…..and cop a bit of good gear if you look like you deserve it….

    THIS IS AN INVITATION…….(I can also promise that win or lose it’s going to be a LOAD of fun :))



    Im in! I have some payback owed!

    FS 10….

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    I live in terror of the Black Dragon to the south of me. I’d be happy to help, though not much use.

    I have Fighting 12 right now, 20 in my axe and 16 in my shield. Studded leather, medium wooden shield and a large axe.



    Yep I’m there. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to contribute in the form of fighting potions (?) Courtesy of Vynora.

    As well as helping to build of course.



    Add me to the list. I can always come help build or craft as well.



    I’ll join in

    FS 43



    I am gonna die with you all πŸ™‚ … he already killed me once, so I have got him on my list of cruel vengeance :).

    FS 16

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    I’m in – any advice for lowbies re armour, weapons and ways to raise fight skill?



    I have attempted a basic Fight primer…you can find it here:

    Fighting 101



    I’m up for it, though my availability is a little patchy. Aureus’s FS is ~35.



    Alright – the response is beginning to shape up…good job guys πŸ™‚

    We are starting to look at a very provisional date on the weekend of 26/27 of March. I will confirm this later when I’m sure our stage hands are all available. There is however quite a lot of preparation to be done.

    In the first place if you would like to join but don’t as yet have the basic skills please read through the Fighting 101 primer I made and and at least get your basic FS to 20 on a dummy, and then any higher that you can manage. It goes without saying that EVERYONE could help a lot by spending time in the next couple of weeks raising their FS as far as possible.

    Those that actually intend to melee the Dragon will be using Huge Axes. Hopefully we will be able to supply 70QL weapons enchanted with Dragon’s Demise. In preparation for that if you do not already have at least 20 skill in that weapon, please make yourself a Huge Axe and then go and chop trees with it to raise your skill to 20. A large part of how often you can actually hit something is very dependent on weapon skill, so this is important. You can have 70FS, but if you never used a Huge Axe before you will not hit much with it. Dragons have tough armored skin so please understand it’s simply a waste of time to use anything except Huge Axes against them.

    I have also been told that traps work. To this end I’d like to build a bunch of axe traps as I think they will probably be the hardest hitting against a Dragon. Anyone out there with good Carp could help with this by making a few and imping them up as high as they can. As a by product, imping axe traps is a pretty good way of improving Carp skill to start with – but you need pretty high skill already to make them, according to the wiki at least 55 to start with. Any help would be welcome. I’m not sure how easy it is to actually place traps either, so if anyone fancies it they might want to make a bunch of an easy trap to make such as bow or stick, and then work on their trap skill by placing them. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to become reasonably proficient.

    OK…that’s what we need people to get busy with…..any questions please message myself or Cmdrvimes in game. I’m off to make 60 turrets πŸ™‚

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    Damn skippy I’m in. FS 22, will start working on the Huge Axe skill



    will be there if i can be 50ish fs+ πŸ˜›



    Event time and place now posted here:

    The Great Dragon Hunt

    Plate armor is available for fighters who need it. To qualify you need AT LEAST 30 FS…although obviously the higher the better. At the moment the plate sets are 62QL…but I’m still working on them πŸ™‚ At the moment I have 4 complete sets available, so if you want one please post in the thread so I know if I need to make more.

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    Hajime Saito

    I’ll do my best to be there and help as long as my boss (18 month old daughter) allows it πŸ™‚


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