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    From the crimson depths of the hearth, came an unexpected pop, startling Smokey Joe, temporarily distracting him from contemplating his empty beer stein. A good brew too, one of Herot’s best!
    All night he had told anyone who would listen about his horrifying tale. Most had dismissed him, another mad prospector with a story to tell, in the hope of a free beer.

    Now however the Inn was all but empty, its patrons safely at home for the night.
    The sound of someone clearing their throat broke Joe’s reverie causing him to lift his gaze. Blood shot eyes, attempted to focus upon the source.
    To his left, the Innkeeper of the “No Gump Inn” leaned casually upon his cedar bar. Before him, a full stein of beer, its pottery surface bejewelled with condensation, sparkling with the reflected glow of the nearby fire. Joes addled thoughts fixated momentarily upon the rich amber brew contained within, licking his parched lips.
    The innkeepers voice however quickly shattered the happy thought of the cool liquid pouring down his throat.
    “This ones yours too Joe, if you tell me where you saw it. I will even throw in a warm bath and a comfortable bed for the night too”

    Primal fear, like ice, ripped up Joe’s spine, erasing the pleasant warmth which had infused him but moments before. Disjointed memories’ filled his mind’s eye; the headlong dash downhill, stumbling and falling as he desperately ran toward the hoped for safety of a nearby Deed. And the prayers and promises he espoused to Budda, to save his worthless hide from becoming the monsters next meal!

    A shudder of dread gripped him as he squeezed his eyes shut, hoping, perhaps falsely, the images etched indelibly upon his memory would evaporate.

    But to no avail….

    Unconsciously he sought succour once more, as his poorly bandaged and burned right hand crawled across the polished cedar bar, toward the promise of temporary oblivion.

    But the Innkeepers hand shifted the beer just out of Joes reach.

    With a resigned sigh, Joe let his hand fall from the bar, his head slumping forward in acquiescence….

    “P..Peak Retreat” He mumbled.
    “Say again” The Barkeep stated, carefully modulating his voice so as not to arouse further fear from Joe.

    Joe’s head rose once more, dirty locks partially obscuring his blood shot and now watery eyes. He squinted as he focused upon Heboric’s gaze.
    When he spoke again, the words tumbled out, in the high pitched voice of a mad man.

    “North of Peak Retreat!” He all but yelled “ White, it’d be a White one. Big and Fat it may be, but it charged me, charged me fast. I ran, I ran leavin me horse behind, me poor trusty Manhappy. I heard his screams but I didn’t stop! No I didn’t stop. Days have I been running, days I…..”

    Joes words continued but Heboric had heard all he needed too.
    Casually he shifted the Stein, sliding it in front of Joe. His own thoughts galvanised!

    Another Dragon, another Dragon Hunt. Time again for the citizens of KangaWu to raise arms and prepare!

    Thats right!! We have another White (fat) Dragon.

    This time plaguing the Mountain above Peak Retreat.

    The intention is to move it to a more scenic location. Dansters’ old Deed which is located at approximately 1175, 815!

    So don your armour, sharpen your blades (get Dragons Demise Cast on them every bit will help) citizens of KangaWu and join the Hunt to remove this menace from our fair shores.

    Date Friday 29th of September
    Time: 9:00pm AEDT
    Location: 1175 815.

    The plan is to lure it to this location. An island has been raised from the site of the Black Keep to accommodate 48 Tents.
    If we cannot lure it, alternatives will be made prior to this date!

    So come along and join in no matter what your Fight Skill (FS) get some Dragon Blood and Scales, which may be sold to others for Silver!

    Those with 70 FS will have the opportunity to roll on extra LOOT!
    Dependant of course of what it drops.

    See you there!




    When shall we kill the darn thing?

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