Welcome to KangaWU

KangaWU is an Australian based Wurm Unlimited server, hosted out of Sydney for low ping times for players in the Oceanic region. KangaWU has been online since the first day Wurm Unlimited was released, and is not going anywhere anytime soon. With a great community of players, we welcome others from anywhere in the world, not just Oceania, so feel free to jump on and have a look around.

Some useful information about the server can be found below:


Announcing the KangaWU Dropbear Server

Coming to a KangaWU near you, 23 Dec 2017

A team of explorers situated in the Botany Bay region have recently been heard telling tales of untouched lands and untold glory. They speak of never before seen mountains, islands and lakes – and possibly riches – but they need your help. Their exploration camp in the new lands is surrounded by dangerous creatures and wild terrain that must be tamed. They are currently recruiting KangaWU residents to volunteer for a mission back to these lands to destroy the creatures and take control of the lands. The mission begins on the 23rd of December, are you brave enough?

Coming to KangaWU on Saturday the 23rd of December will be a new server with a brand new map for players to travel, explore and deed. The new server will be dubbed the Dropbear server and will be accessible via the main KangaWU server. This is going to be a new permanent server, so will be around for as long as KangaWU is around.

As everyone knows, Dropbears are deceptively large, and it is the same for the new map on the Dropbear server, which will be a full 4096×4096 – 4 times the size of the main KangaWU map. To compensate for this, there will also be an increase in creature counts compared to the main server, as well as a higher aggressive creature rate.

Travel to the new Dropbear server will be available via a portal at Botany Bay on the main server for the first couple of weeks after opening, with players only being able to take items in their inventory across – no creatures or vehicles. Early in January after some exploration has been made and a foothold secured by the players, the borders between the main server and Dropbear will be connected, and boats will be able to travel back and forth at will. After the borders are opened, the portal at Botany Bay will still be available as well.

Teamwork will be necessary for the first while as the portal will drop everyone at the exploration camp, deep in wilderness and surrounded by aggressive creatures. We hope to see you at Botany Bay on Saturday, ready to explore new lands!

Patch Notes – 21 Oct 2017

21 Oct 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed rose hedges so they don’t grow beyond low height again.
  • Thorn hedges will no longer grow above medium height.
  • Changed a couple of things with pets so they hopefully follow orders better now. Should actually attack what you tell them to attack.
  • Fixed an issue with the increased carry capacity from KangaWU+, it should now properly apply across everything including pulling items from bulk containers.
  • Lowered strength needed to load small crates to 21.
  • Path of hate can now be accessed from a tar dominated area instead of a mycelium dominated area.
    • Same restrictions otherwise – must be majority of tar in the area, with some thorn bushes around.
  • Some changes made to make room for new additions to Botany Bay and new things to buy.

Patch Notes – 06 Oct 2017

Adventure Server:

This months Adventure Server is now open and available via the portal from Botany Bay. If you have not participated in a KangaWU Adventure before head to Botany Bay with no items in your inventory and nothing equipped and you’ll find the portal. Use the portal and you’ll be teleported to a random location on the Adventure map where you’ll have to fight against the land to survive, explore, and gather resources. For more information about how the Adventure Server works, check this page: http://kangawu.com.au/2017/kangawu-adventures/

For this round, the portal will remain open until the server is closed. A week warning will be given before the server is closed.

There have been a few changes made for this round of Adventure:

  • PvP has been enabled and modified so kingdoms are not a factor. Anyone can attack anyone, if they so choose.
    • Any permission related systems are ignored on this server – permissions may still be set, but they will not protect your items.
    • The list of players in local range has been disabled.
    • Everyone will have a red outline to everyone else, including friends.
    • Tower guards will refuse to help in PvP fights.
    • Kill tokens will be awarded for PvP kills relative to the Body Str, Mind Logic and Fighting skills of the player killed.
  • Increased creature cap from 30k to 75k, and increased aggressive creature percentage from 60% to 75%.
  • All creatures have been somewhat buffed:
    • Any skills have gained a 25% boost.
    • Natural armour has been given a 25% boost.
    • Damage creatures deal are increased by 10%.
    • Creatures will also be slightly larger than their non-Adventure counterparts.

Other Patch Notes:

  • Added the Wand of Sorcery
    • Created using any non-star gem and a handle, using Natural Substances skill.
    • Can be used in the same manner as a Sorcery Staff to cast Sorcery spells.
    • Spells cast using this wand instead of a normal staff will cost 5x the normal karma.
  • Tweaked bonuses for sacrificing Legendary and Unique items
    • 1/10 of all skills will receive an affinity for a Legendary item.
    • 1/3 of all skills will receive an affinity for a Unique item.
  • Mind Logic will now show as 10 higher in the client for each extra queue slot bought with spirit points
    • Actual skill value on the server won’t be 10 higher, just whats shown in the client.
    • This should make the “bugs” with these extra slots be fixed, so the client properly queues the full amount of actions.

Patch Notes – 16 Sep 2017

In an effort to supply players with worthwhile bonuses that will help keep the KangaWU server funded for the future, there is now a new feature on the server called KangaWU+.

This is a new monthly payment of 10 silver on your character to get some benefits, access to a new feature, and bragging rights for helping the server stay funded and online.

When you log in now, you can right click on any deed token, and select Bank > Purchase KangaWU+. Doing this will show a window telling you what you’ll gain and an option to buy using money in your bank.

The bonuses for KangaWU+ currently include:

  • Increased Skillgain – 1.5x Normal Skillgain, which also stacks with other in-game skillgain bonuses (sleep powder, meditation bonuses etc).
  • Increased Carry Capacity – 50% bonus on top of your base carrying capacity.
  • No Movement Speed Penalty from Armour – Wearing armour will no longer slow you down at all, you’ll walk as fast as you would without armour equipped.

As well as access to a new feature:

  • Rare Combining
    • Activate a rare+ item, and right click another item of the same rarity to get the “Combine rarities” option.
    • Clicking this will give you a chance to increase the rarity of the targeted item by 1 level.
    • The chance of success is shown when right clicking the target item with another rare activated.
    • On a success or fail, the activated item is destroyed – actions are 15 seconds long to give you time to cancel it if you misclick with the wrong items.
    • Chance of success is determined by:
      • Higher chance for higher qualities of items used
      • Much higher chance if both items are the same type of item (e.g. hammer + hammer)
      • Lower chance for bulk items (ores, dirt, etc)
      • Lower chance for rift materials (crystal, wood, stone)

Patch Notes – 31 Aug 2017

31 Aug 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Possibly fixed problems with many players attacking the same creature at once.
  • Fixed some issues with Fo Spawn bugging out when doing his prevent damage ability.
  • Fixed half level/flatten speed Adventure shop bonus to work properly.
  • Fixed typo when buying something in Adventure shop – can’t remember what.

Patch Notes – 05 Aug 2017

05 Aug 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Changed Dark Messenger so it works for anyone instead of just HotS kingdom.
  • Added some new Adventure Shop items:
    • Added option to buy up to 3 extra action queue slots. Only buy one at a time, as the price goes up for each extra one.
    • Added option to buy doubling of your max digging slope.
    • Added option to buy doubling of your max surface mining slope.
    • Added option to buy 2x speed for flattening and leveling.

Current round of the Adventure server will close on Saturday 12th August. Make sure you are off the island by then and back to the main server, or you may lose all your progress gained while away from the main server.

Patch Notes – 15 Jul 2017

15 Jul 2017 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed surface mining to not need all adjacent tiles uncovered.
    • One adjacent tile must be uncovered at least now – instead of working from a distance.
  • Fixed the 100% surface mining bonus from spirit points.
  • Removed crowded message when attacking creatures with multiple people again.
  • Changes to prepare for the next Adventure round:
    • Olives can now be foraged from tree and bush tiles.
    • Increased rate of foraging for cotton.
    • Kill tokens will now be destroyed on death, instead of dropping to corpse.
    • Adventure portal now has a 1 hour 30 min cooldown on use.
  • Changed armour values on the Adventure server:
    • All armours have a base 60% DR.
    • Bonus DR on all armours based on material used:
      • Iron +2.5%, Silver +3.5%, Gold +4%, Steel +5%, Brass +6%, Adamantine +7.5%, Glimmersteel +9%, Seryll +10%
    • Bonus DR for certain armour types:
      • Scale +10%, Drake +7.5%, Studded Leather +5%.
    • Tweaked armour modifiers against wound types to be a bit more/less than before.
      • Will hopefully make up for some armour types being stronger, as against certain damage types they will be less effective.
      • Still has all the same types of modifiers as vanilla, just increased.

Next round of the Adventure server will open next Saturday (22 Jul) featuring a whole new map and the tweaks made above. In addition to the above tweaks, the portal will be open for a single week only – you will have to use this week wisely to get yourself a foothold on the map so that you’re safe for the remaining time there. On Sat 29 Jul, the portal will be disconnected and those still on the server will have to make their way off it without dying to get their kill tokens off safely. Once the server is largely deserted, the last people will be told to make their way off and some changes to the map will be made before the portal is made available again.