Limitless Decorations Gallery

Limitless Decorations is a custom mod for KangaWU that lets you use any model in the game to decorate your builds how you want. Do you want an entire wall made of colossus bricks, or a chandelier made from goblin skulls and unicorn horns? A veranda with an actual roof, or a pit fire to BBQ your food? This mod lets you do all that and everything else you can think of.

This gallery is a small showcase of what players have already made using this mod, and we’d love to see what you can make too. 

Limitless Decorations Details:

  • Molds can be created of any non-decoration item in the game and can be used to create pottery versions of that item for display
  • This allows you to create a decorational version of any item model in the game, and optionally as the pile model if it exists
  • It greatly expands the options available when decorating your deeds and buildings, ensuring items stick around and don’t decay
  • Any decorational item can also be raised and lowered in space, allowing floating items in the perfect position
  • A new Summon Illusion spell lets you create a short-term illusion of any model in the game to let you plan out your decorating