KangaWU – Oceanic Wurm Unlimited Server

Kia ora, mates!

KangaWU is one of the longest-running Wurm Unlimited servers, with the primary map having been up since a day before the official release in 2015. Hosted in Oceania, we offer a rarely-seen lag-free version of Wurm for a dedicated community mostly located in the ass-end of the world – though we welcome players from all parts of the world.

In the years since the release of WU we have been creating custom mods and alterations to the server to make it entirely unique, with some notable features like increased rarity tiers, a custom decoration system, regular hunting events and permanent rewards for killing creatures, metallic golems and a new metal type, an exploration-treasure system, and so much more.

Check it all out below, or join us in-game or on Discord and say hi!

Map Information

  • KangaWU – 2048 x 2048 – PvE Only
  • Taniwha – 4096 x 4096 – PvE Only
    • Increased percentage of aggressive creatures
    • All creatures are 20% stronger and 20% larger
    • Accessible via portal from KangaWU and sailing across any border

Maps updated daily at 2am AEST

Deeds & Upkeep

  • Deeds are free to place and have no upkeep costs
  • Each character is able to have a deed on each of the maps
  • The maximum deed size is 75×75, although players are asked to only deed the land they intend to use
  • Each deed can have a maximum of 3 Spirit Templars at no cost

The length of time a deed will remain around is dependant on the total playtime of the characters on that deed. When a character logs into the server, their deed will refresh the upkeep time from that point and will last 30 days plus the total playtime of all characters of that deed.

Godspawn Hunts & Scrolls

  • Every few days a hunt event will spawn on each server, spawning a rare+ seryll altar and 4 godspawn creatures at a random location
  • Finding and killing all of the godspawn creatures will allow the altar to be mined out and some rare+ seryll lumps gained
  • Any characters that help to kill the godspawns will also get relatively large Fighting skill gains and bonus gains in some random skills
  • Scrolls may be found when killing champion or unique creatures, completing missions, and from archaeology
  • Identifying a scroll will lead you around the map where you’ll need to kill strong creatures to find the final location of the scroll
  • Upon killing the final group of creatures a chest will appear in your inventory with a varying amount of random valuable rewards

Community Events & Adventure Server

  • We have a great and welcoming community of long-term players that love to help out new people
  • In addition to Godspawn Hunts, the community regularly organises events like unique slayings and scroll hunts
  • Occasionally there will also be GM-run events where participants can win special rewards like brooms and pets
  • The Adventure server is a periodic server that pops up every now and then to give everyone a fresh taste at the game, with more difficulty
  • Everyone spawns into the server at a random location with no items and low skills, and must survive a ton of aggressive creatures
  • The server has increased moonmetal veins and other various rewards, which you can only bring back to the main servers by escaping alive

Limitless Decorations

  • Molds can be created of any non-decoration item in the game and can be used to create pottery versions of that item for display
  • This allows you to create a decorational version of any item model in the game, and optionally as the pile model if it exists
  • It greatly expands the options available when decorating your deeds and buildings, ensuring items stick around and don’t decay
  • Any decorational item can also be raised and lowered in space, allowing floating items in the perfect position
  • A new Summon Illusion spell lets you create a short-term illusion of any model in the game to let you plan out your decorating
  • For a quick look at what’s possible with this system, we held a competition in 2020, and you can check out the gallery here

Golems & Trinium

  • Metal Golems are tough late-game creatures that spawn across the server in 4 sizes and all 15 metal types, including trinium
  • Golems don’t tend to hit hard, but are very hard to take down – and once they are dead their corpses can be mined for lumps of their metal
  • Normal and Small golems can spawn across both servers, Mini and Tiny can spawn from mining while a global boon is active
  • Trinium is a new tier of metal above seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine that contains all of the upsides of those three
  • Trinium can be gained from trinium golems, or a small chance to gain fragments when mining any metal golem
  • Alchemy serums can be used to turn any metallic item into another metal, including moonmetal and trinium

Kill Tokens & Adventure Shop

  • Each creature killed will generate a kill token with a value relative to the difficulty of that creature – with modifiers like champion giving a large boost to the value of the kill token
  • Kill tokens can be combined and used in order to gain Spirit Points, which can be spent in the adventure shop (by typing /adventure)
  • The adventure shop provides a wide range of permanent character upgrades and useful custom items to make hunting worth your time
  • A small selection of rewards available in the adventure shop:
    • Worker’s Satchel – Allows you to place any item used in the imping process inside of it, then use the satchel when improving to automatically select the currently needed item from within
    • Permanently increased levelling and flattening speeds
    • Permanently increased action queue slots
    • Tokens to rename items and creatures that you own

Priests & Spells

  • As well as the vanilla deities, we have 3 custom deities available – Budda, Frost and Veshnokash – information for each is on Discord
  • All followers of gods can cast spells when they have at least 20 faith, and followers can gain faith up to 40 with priests able to gain more
  • There is no limit on the amount of times a day that faith can be gained, however the cooldown for gaining faith is increased to 1 hour
  • Custom spells include:
    • Superior Genesis – 70 favor & 50 difficulty to remove a chosen trait from a creature instead of a random one
    • Superior Dispel – 30 favor & 30 difficulty to remove a chosen enchantment from an item
    • Increase Size – Custom sorcery spell that increases the internal size of a container, making it bigger on the inside

Global Boons & KangaWU+

  • Global boons are timed bonuses that apply to everyone across both maps, purchasable in-game with karma and the web store
  • A few examples of boons include: 
    • Bonus Mount & Vehicle Speed
    • 25% Bonus Skillgain
    • Bonus Rarity Chance
  • KangaWU+ is a premium-style character bonus that can be purchased from any deed token for 10s per month
  • Characters with KangaWU+ gain four bonuses:
    • 50% increased skillgain& 50% increased carrying capacity
    • No movement speed penalty from equipped armour
    • The ability to combine item rarities via Smooshing

Rarities & Smooshing

  • Three new rarities above fantastic: Epic, Legendary and Unique
  • Each higher rarity gives the normal increased effects of rarity and items that are at least epic cannot be shattered via enchanting
  • Epic and Legendary rarities are available via normal rare rolls, but Unique is reserved for special rewards and Smooshing only
  • Smooshing allows you to combine two items of the same rarity for the chance of increasing the rarity of the target item
  • The chance to successfully increase rarity is determined by item qualities, if they are the same item, and if they are bulk items or not
  • Smooshing is only available to characters with KangaWU+